Rextar Portable X-Ray


$6,400.00 $5,900.00

Just over 5lbs
High speed wireless portable handheld generator.
Easily transport and utilize unit in multiple operatories
with over 300 exposures in just one battery charge.

Safety is ensured by built-in double-shielding which reduces risk to exposure by scattered radiation.
Designed to protect operator’s body, hand and other areas close to the device

Tube Voltage The Rextar’s 70kV tube has the power to penetrate the cheekbone to always provide a great image of the Superior Maxilla, unlike other lower kV units on the market. While operating at nearly half the exposure time as other 60 & 65 kV units.

Approved by international quality organization such as CE, KFDA, and FDA.
Don’t Worry,
Were Compatible with ALL.